New breastfeeding DVD for all Mothers Launched Today

Draft Breastfeeding DVD Press Release

Free DVD offering breastfeeding support & tips for all UK pregnant mums launched today

From Bump to Breastfeeding – following real mothers’ stories to find out how’

A new free DVD is launched today to all pregnant women in the UK to help them with breastfeeding. The free DVD entitled, ‘From Bump to Breastfeeding – following real mothers’ stories to find out how’, provides a source of support to women to breastfeed and will be distributed via midwives and health visitors. It supports women to breastfeed by giving positive and practical breastfeeding information to women who are unsure about whether to breastfeed and encourages those who are, to continue for longer.

Best Beginnings, a child health charity, gave “”birth” to the idea of developing and producing a free DVD addressing breastfeeding for all pregnant and new mums. The 35-minute film has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Health. The DVD has been funded by the Department of Health, NHS Health Scotland, Welsh Assembly Government, Health promotion agencies in Northern Ireland and the Tedworth Charitable Trust.

Best Beginnings founder & CEO Alison Baum said:

Despite previous work promoting the huge benefits of breastfeeding, the reality is that for most young women, especially those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, bottle feeding is still the norm…”

Dawn Primarolo, Public Health Minister, said:

The DVD will appeal to all women who are having a baby as it follows ordinary women on their breastfeeding journey and addresses hopes and concerns that are relevant to all. The DVD demonstrates breastfeeding as the normal and natural way to feed a baby and will support mums to continue to breastfeed and help them give their baby the best start in life.”

Ms. Baum added:

Only with accurate information and practical support can there be real choice for families about how to feed their babies. I am proud to have helped create the DVD, which will enable more mothers across the UK to have the information and reach out for support so they can enjoy breastfeeding their babies for as long as they wish.”

Singer Charlotte Church, who breastfed her daughter Ruby, said: “I think this is a really helpful DVD for mothers. “It will be great for new mothers to hear the voices of real mums sharing their breastfeeding experiences.

I think it’s so important that there is as much information as possible to help mums prepare for breastfeeding, which I think is such a fantastic experience for mum and baby.”

Janet Fyle, the Royal College of Midwives’ professional policy advisor, said:

Breastfeeding rates in the UK are among the lowest in Europe. This DVD is a powerful to reach out to young women from all social backgrounds. Midwives will be signposting women to watch the DVD and will discuss its content and ideas about breastfeeding with them.”

For more information or to view the DVD online from Best Beginning’s website, please visit or visit

To order a copy of the new breastfeeding DVD call the Department of Health order line on: 0300 123 1002, or visit:

You can download the press release here breastfeeding_support_dvd

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