Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Hi, I’m Maddie – Norfolk Doula, breastfeeding counsellor, writer, course founder, community leader and all round birth & parenting geek.

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Having a baby doesn’t have to be scary

Pregnancy and early parenting can be confusing and overwhelming.
A wealth of evidence supports the effectiveness of doula support. A doula can even out disparities in care by providing practical and emotional support.

  • Doula services

    Compassionate, unconditional support & companionship through pregnancy, birth & beyond.

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    Infant feeding support, birth prepartion and more services for new parents

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  • My books & writing

    I love words and have written 2 books about doulaing and parenting, write a blog and contribution to periodicals

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  • Doula training

    I run Developing Doulas, a course provider offering doula preparation courses

    Becoming a doula
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Imagine feeling in control of your child’s birth

As a doula, I know that you want to be empowered and confident in your birthing journey. In order to do that, many people appreciate comprehensive support and guidance. The problem is the overwhelming amount of birthing information and choices, which can create anxiety and uncertainty.

Doulas believe every birth experience should be respected and supported. I understand the importance of personalised care, which is why I offer tailored support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period.

Here’s how I do it: 1. Provide personalized antenatal education. 2. Offer continuous birth support. 3. Support postnatal recovery and adjustment. To stop feeling overwhelmed and instead embrace your birth with confidence and calm, reach out for a no-strings chat to get a feel for whether my companionship might feel good.

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