Our births matter

A birth creates a new life, a new parent and a lifetime of opportunities, relationships and personal growth. Getting it right is the most important thing us humans can do for a safer, more peaceful and harmonious world.

I’m Maddie, a Norfolk-based birth and Infant Feeding Specialist doula, doula course leader and doula mentor.

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Photo of Maddie Mcmahon, doula.
Photo of a new born baby holding onto an adult's finger

It’s not about me

It’s your baby, your body & your choices!

As an intersectional feminist I put your choice and control over your own body slap bang at the centre of everything I say and do as your doula. 

My job is to support you to gather enough information to make choices that feel right for you along the way, to provide a shoulder to lean on when times are tough, an ear to listen, a sounding board as you make decisions and a practical help as you keep all these new plates spinning. 

There is quite literally no greater honour to be had in life than supporting new families.

You will probably just know when you’ve found the right doula. If you don’t like the look of me, perhaps you could check out the wonderful Developing Doulas on our directory.

Photo of maddie teaching a doula class

My doula career

Following 2 very different birth experiences I became a doula after the birth of my second child in 2003. As soon as I realised being a doula was a career option, I was hooked to the idea!

My clients have opted for hospital, Birth Centre and home births. Some have chosen to have vaginal births after caesareans. Some have had twins or triplets. I have also supported women having caesareans, and been present in theatre. I have also supported many women labouring and birthing in water, both at home and in hospital.

I have worked as a postnatal doula for hundreds of families, both short and long-term. I love nurturing a family through the transition to parenthood, watching their confidence grow as they work out how they’d like to parent. I don’t do a huge amount of postnatal work now as I concentrate on my doula training business and take life a little easier!

My goal as a doula is to accompany parents along the journey in whatever way is most useful and nurturing for them. We all birth and parent in different ways – and there are so many choices. A doula’s role is to walk the path with the family, point out things of interest or useful information and hold the space while they decide on the direction that is right for them.

Photo of Maddie enjoying a cup of tea after a sea swimming session

Life by the sea & more about me

I’m mother to 2 wonderful young people, stepmum to one wonderful, all-grown-up person and grandma to two. 

I have also been a breastfeeding counsellor since 2005 and founded a well-known breastfeeding support group in 2007. 

I am co-founder of Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance. I am also chair of the trustees of another breastfeeding charity, Maddie’s Miracle

My books Why Doulas Matter and Why Mothering Matters are published by Pinter & Martin

I am on the editorial board of The Practising Midwife Journal.

The Birth Hub is my blog and ‘library’ of birth and infant feeding resources.

I live in Sheringham, North Norfolk and will take clients within an hour’s drive.

I used to teach English, and also worked in publishing, but gave it up because parents and babies are far more fascinating!

Oh – and I love swimming in the sea in all weathers!