My books & writing

I’ve always loved words and writing and it’s a privilege to have been able to write 2 books and contribute to periodicals.
I also blog on this site, on the Birth Hub & on Developing Doulas

I have contributed two titles to the Pinter and Martin series of “Why it matters” books about birth & parenting

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  • Why Doulas Matter

    Written with parents in mind – a little bit of doula in your pocket, so to speak, but I am told it is useful for doulas, midwives and anyone interested in maternity care to learn more about the role doulas play in those early weeks and months of parenthood.

    Kindle and audiobook (read by the author) versions available

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  • Why Mothering Matters

    This is my hymn to mothers and to the act of mothering. It is also a call for an end to the neglect and discrimination of mothers and an exploration of the experience of becoming a mother, not just in the UK but worldwide.

    I hope it helps women understand what is happening inside themselves as they enter into parenthood and empowers them to seek the support they deserve as they go along.

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