In Praise of Doula UK

For those of you who don’t know what Doula UK is, it’s the largest, longest established doula organisiation in the UK. It’s run by doula volunteers for the benefit of its members. It mentors and supports both its doula members and the doula trainers it accredits. It strives to help create the best possible doulas, to offer support and on-going learning and development and to protect the parents and babies those doulas serve.

Doula UK members have made a committment – to never stop loving and caring for their clients, to never stop learning and developing, to keep reading and reflecting on our code of conduct and philosophy.

Doula UK has a Doula Council, with members as august as Sheila Kitzinger.

Our wonderful Chair Emma Gunn was recently invited to school the powers that be in the benefits of the ‘doula effect’ at a Forum on Maternity at Westminster.

Our Trainers, Assessor/Mentors, buddies, committee and volunteers are striving to set a gold standard of training, assessment and on-going support for all doulas in the UK.

There may be pale imitations out there, but if you want experience and passion – Doula UK is where it’s at!

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