Distance Doulaing During Coronavirus: Keeping Contact and Connection

We might be stuck at home, but the wonders of the World Wide Web can bring us together, create and maintain strong bonds and enable us to achieve a lot of what we used to do face to face!
If you are self isolating or limiting social contact currently, but need some support, I am happy to talk to you via skype, zoom, whatsapp, facebook messenger or old fashioned phone call! I can offer antenatal sessions and postnatal parenting and breastfeeding support sessions. Please contact me to book a session. 

If you need breastfeeding support via video link, it can be useful to have someone else with you to hold the camera and for that camera to be something easily moveable, like a phone or tablet so that it can focus in on you or your baby when we are talking about positioning your baby and latching on. If you want to show me some particular issue with your baby’s feeding or behaviour, it can be useful to record it in advance so you can show it to me if your baby doesn’t do it while we’re talking! And it can also be useful to write down a list of any questions or topics you’d like to talk about in advance so you don’t forget.

Remote sessions are £50 and usually last a maximum of 1.5 hours.  Just contact me to arrange an appointment.

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