Linda and I seem to have successfully put a group together for doula training in September. It looks like we have 7 or 8 wonderful women coming, so room for one or 2 more…

The groups seem to come together in the same way every time – we worry that we won’t get anyone enquiring, then boom we get 3 or 4 bookings in a week! I’m beginning to believe that the women who are meant to start their doula journeys with us just find us, somehow.

The women we meet on the course are always so loving and committed to being the best doulas they can possibly be – it’s such an honour to be able to give them a helping hand on their way.

Actually, I feel very maternal towards them and can’t help worry about them when they get their first clients. Doulaing can be painful both physically and emotionally and I do worry that we just can’t prepare our girls for being with a woman in labour for 30 hours straight, only to see her carted off to theatre.

All we can do is make sure they look after themselves too and turn to other doulas and their mentors for support during those dark moments – and celebrate the wonderful births with us too!

Maddie Headshot 2020