Well, we’ve exchanged contracts! We have a moving date of Friday next week. I do really hope this is the last time we move for a good long time; I’m tired of packing, unpacking and carting the children from pillar to post. Now I’ve got the major nesting urge I never really got when I was pregnant and can’t wait to make a nice little sanctuary for us all.

On the doula front I have a lovely new birth client, who is due in December. She’s having her first baby and is extremely intelligent and keen to research all her options. She’s reading Ina May already – in fact everything she can get her hands on! I’m going to have a fine ol’ time supporting her, I think, and already feel protective and ‘bonded’ with her and her husband.

One of my best friends is hopefully going to have a baby in the spring. She will be a special doula experience for me, as the father kindly donated his part of things, so it will be me and her mum supporting her through the whole pregnancy and birth.

I’ll be going with her for her first scan on Monday – am keeping my fingers crossed for her that it’s a singleton (as she has a higher chance of twins with assissted conception) so she has more chance of having the lovely, hands-off homebirth she dreams of.

Maddie Headshot 2020