Other Services

I currently offer a number of one off sessions in your own home on a number of subjects.

skintoskinPreparation for breastfeeding

This is a 2 hour session with you (and your partner) in the second half of your pregnancy. We explore your feelings about breastfeeding, your previous experiences of feeding any older siblings, how breastfeeding works, what to expect in the early days and we practice some positions to help comfortably breastfeed in and talk about how to latch your baby on effectively. This session costs £50.

Birth Preparation

Two, 2 hour sessions to explore your childbirth choices, debrief from any previous birth experiences, help with preparing your birth preferences and intentions, talk about strategies for labour and birth, comfort measures and breathing techniques for you and for your partner to support you with. Tips and ideas for the early days with your baby.
Sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home. These sessions cost £125 in total.

74130_459165490975_556370975_6113799_8330294_nBaby Led Weaning

Have a baby heading towards that 6 month milestone? This session is roughly 2 hours and helps you explore how you might like to introduce solid food to your baby. We talk about knowing when your baby is ready for solids and share tips on making the transition to solids a fun and easy process. £20 per family. A minimum of 4 mothers/couples needed.

nursingpicsBreastfeeding Support

There is lots of really skilled breastfeeding support available in Cambridge, available free of charge, including the group I help run at Homerton Children’s Centre every Monday afternoon. However, some mothers need a postnatal doula who has good breastfeeding support skills. If this is what you are looking for, I may be able to help. I charge my normal postnatal doula rate of £20 per hour.

I have trained with the Breastfeeding Network and and am now a registered Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Breastfeeding Counsellor. I can use this knowledge to support you with breastfeeding as a doula.
It is the very essence of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers that support is offered free of charge, that support is free from any commercial influence and that the organisation is accessible to all. It is crucial that these principles are upheld and are seen to be upheld. It is therefore not possible to act as a doula and an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor for the same woman.
Therefore, if you require help, support or information from the ABM, you can access that through our helpline. (08444 122 949), a National Breastfeeding helpline which connects parents with a Breastfeeding Counsellor in their area) Alternatively, you could ring the National Breastfeeding Helpline (0300 100 0212) or your doula may arrange for another counsellor to contact you.

wrapping the hipsClosing the Bones

A nurturing, relaxing massage for the postnatal period, closing the hips after childbirth, helping the pelvis, uterus and bladder to return to their natural positions and to help a new mum feel pampered and at peace.
More information here.
£50 for an hour and a half session. 
£60 for session with 2 doulas, with rebozo rocking and helpful arms for a baby if necessary.