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Tips from the milky coalface


The following article was written for and first appeared in my friend Naomi Kemeny's book 'Nurturing New Families'. A book not only for postnatal doulas but anyone caring for a family with a newborn in those precious first weeks.   As a Breastfeeding Counsellor and Doula, I spend a lot of Continue Reading

Freedom for Birth

What is Freedom for Birth? "Freedom for Birth" is more than just a film. It marks the beginning of a movement that will focus global attention on the violations of women's rights during childbirth all around the world. All women should have the right, protected by law, to decide where and how they Continue Reading

Doulas DO Make a Difference!

Survey Shows Doulas Have Significant Impact on Birth and Breastfeeding Chances of an intervention-free birth and successful breastfeeding increased with doula support Parents-to-be are far more likely to attempt and continue breastfeeding, and less likely to require intervention during their Continue Reading

Twin Birth – How it CAN Be


A very special, very strong, determined and wonderful client has given me permission to share her story here. After a homebirth first time round, she had implicit faith in her body's ability to grow and birth her babies in a very ordinary, normal way. It took us a while to get our equally trusting, Continue Reading

The Who’s Who of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mums can have a variety of people rock up to help in the early days - and in my experience, many parents can be pretty confused as to who's who and what experience and qualifications they have. This seems like a massive shame to me  - personally, if I wanted to learn Italian, I'd want Continue Reading

When is speaking the truth passing judgement?

If you spend anytime time at all hanging out on facebook or twitter in the 'birthy/breastfeeding crowd' you may well have seen a new crop of pages in recent months. They cover some pretty controversial subjects, such as 'sleep training' babies, Baby Led Weaning and 'natural term Continue Reading

Group B Strep


I've been asked about this subject quite a lot recently so I thought I'd write a post about it. Before I begin, as always, remember  I am a doula, not a health professional or medical expert. So, if this subject effects you, do talk to your midwife/doctor as well as reading other resources so you Continue Reading